Which boxing rivalry is considered one of the greatest in history and produced three memorable fights known as the “Trilogy”?

The boxing rivalry between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier stands as one of the most epic and revered in the history of the sport. Their legendary encounters, known as the “Trilogy,” are forever etched in the annals of boxing folklore. Ali and Frazier clashed three times, with each bout delivering its own unique spectacle and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

The first encounter, labelled the “Fight of the Century,” took place in 1971 at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City. The anticipation surrounding this showdown was unparalleled, as two undefeated heavyweight champions collided in a battle for supremacy. After 15 gruelling rounds, Ali emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision in a contest that showcased the extraordinary skills and determination of both warriors.

Between their first and final meetings, Ali and Frazier engaged in a second bout in 1973, once again at Madison Square Garden. Ali’s strategic brilliance and relentless assault resulted in an 11th-round technical knockout, further fueling the flames of their rivalry.

Their rivalry reached its zenith in 1975 with the unforgettable “Thrilla in Manila.” This epic encounter unfolded in the scorching heat of the Philippines, pushing both fighters to their physical and mental limits. The brutal exchanges and sheer tenacity displayed by Ali and Frazier captivated the world. After 14 punishing rounds, Frazier’s corner decided to halt the fight, granting Ali a technical knockout victory and solidifying their rivalry as one of the most intense and enduring in boxing history.

Beyond the ring, the Ali-Frazier rivalry transcended sport, becoming a symbolic clash of ideologies and beliefs. Ali’s conversion to Islam and refusal to serve in the Vietnam War contrasted sharply with Frazier’s Christian faith and support of the war effort. Their battles became a reflection of the sociopolitical tensions of the era, captivating not only boxing enthusiasts but also a global audience fascinated by the magnitude of their rivalry.

Who holds the record for the fastest knockout in professional boxing history?

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