Which boxer had the most knockouts in 2022?

In 2022, the boxer who stood out with the most knockouts was Jermall Charlo. He delivered an impressive total of 4 knockouts in 4 fights throughout the year. Charlo showcased his formidable punching power and skill in victories against Juan Macias Montiel, Juan Pablo Romero, Bakhram Murtazaliev, and Maciej Sulecki, leaving no doubt about his dominance inside the ring.

While Charlo led the pack in terms of knockouts, there were other notable boxers who also displayed their knockout prowess in 2022. Here are the top 5 boxers, following Charlo, with the most knockouts in the same year:

Edgar Berlanga: Berlanga secured an impressive 3 knockouts in his fights during 2022, demonstrating his formidable punching ability and his potential as an up-and-coming force in the boxing world.

Luis Ortiz: Ortiz, known for his powerful punches, also recorded 3 knockouts in 2022. Finishing fights is what he does well, and his wins clearly showed this. This has now placed him as one of the top contenders in his division which means that an exciting future is on the cards.

Joseph Parker: Parker, a skilled heavyweight boxer, also notched 3 knockouts in his fights throughout the year. From rapid fists to a top technique, he can command the ring and get on the front foot, and this can be seen in the results in 2022.

Oscar Valdez: Valdez, a skilled featherweight fighter, rounded out the top 5 with 3 knockouts in 2022. His performances demonstrated his ability to generate explosive power and deliver devastating finishes.

These boxers showcased their knockout prowess in 2022, thrilling fans with their power, precision, and ability to end fights decisively. Their knockout victories solidified their positions as formidable forces in the world of boxing and added to the excitement and anticipation surrounding their future bouts.

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