What was the most expensive boxing match in 2022?

The most expensive boxing match in 2022 was the highly anticipated showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol.

Held in Nevada, Las Vegas, in the T-Mobile Arena, it was the 7th of May 2022 when these two fighters went toe to toe and what a fight it turned out to be. In fact, the fight was so big, it was broadcast on DAZN and generated a revenue of $160 million – a staggering amount of money.

Canelo Alvarez, the defending WBA (Super) light heavyweight champion, faced off against Dmitry Bivol, the reigning WBA (Super) light heavyweight champion. Both fighters brought their A-game, delivering a thrilling display of skill, power, and strategy. The fight proved to be a closely contested battle, with each boxer showcasing their remarkable talent and determination.

The significant cost of the fight can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol are highly popular and respected fighters, boasting loyal fan bases that eagerly anticipated this encounter. Secondly, the fight carried immense stakes, as it aimed to unify the WBA (Super) light heavyweight titles, adding an extra layer of excitement and prestige. Lastly, the match garnered a substantial number of pay-per-view buys, further contributing to its financial success.

The promotion of the fight played a crucial role in its elevated status. Matchroom Boxing, a renowned and successful boxing promoter, orchestrated a stellar marketing campaign, heightening the anticipation and ensuring a global audience.

Overall, the Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol match exemplified the pinnacle of boxing entertainment in 2022. Its record-breaking revenue and electrifying atmosphere showcased the enduring allure and commercial appeal of this captivating sport.

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