Who was the youngest boxer to win a world title in 2022?

The youngest boxer to win a world title in 2022 was Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez. At the age of 22, he achieved this feat by defeating Carlos Cuadras on February 12, 2022, to claim the WBC super flyweight title. He lifted the world title but there was not only this achievement because it placed him as the youngest boxing champion, which is no mean feat.

Every so often, an emerging talent will arise and this is where Rodriguez stands out. He has all the hallmarks of a top quality boxer including power and speed as well as an athleticism that helps him move around the ring with ease. Moreover, his aggressive fighting style and constant pursuit of knockouts have garnered attention and admiration from boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

The fight against Cuadras showcased Rodriguez’s capabilities and further solidified his place among boxing’s elite. Cuadras, a former world champion and highly regarded super flyweight, was expected to present a significant challenge. However, Rodriguez displayed superior boxing skills, outmanoeuvring and eventually wearing down his experienced adversary.

Following his victory, Rodriguez quickly became a recognized name in the boxing community. The super flyweight division has now become widely recognised thanks to the success of Rodriguez. With his dedication, talent, and youth on his side, Rodriguez is poised to make a lasting impact in the super flyweight division and leave a notable legacy in boxing.

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