Which golfer has spent the most weeks at the top of the Official World Golf Ranking?

Tiger Woods holds the impressive record for spending the most weeks at the top of the Official World Golf Ranking, His reign at the top lasted for 683 weeks, which makes up a fifth of the duration of the rating’s existence.

It was on August 15, 1997, when he moved into the top spot and from here, there was no stopping him. After 683 weeks, the record had been set. It is highly unlikely that this record will be beaten. Winning is in his blood as he holds 15 major championship victories, but it doesn’t stop there. Additionally, he has triumphed in 82 PGA Tour events, making him the second-most successful golfer in terms of tour wins.

His winning streak kept on going through the late 90s and early 2000s. He dominated with his cool and calm nature and won 13 major championships, all of which he won over a period of 11 years. This solidified his status as the perennial favourite in every tournament he entered. Woods’ exceptional talent and charismatic personality helped popularise golf on a global scale, becoming a true phenomenon in the sport.

Despite experiencing both triumph and controversy throughout his career, Woods remains one of the most esteemed and accomplished golfers worldwide. He has earned numerous accolades, including the prestigious PGA Player of the Year award an astounding 13 times. While he has encountered personal struggles and faced injury setbacks, Woods continues to be admired as a role model by aspiring young golfers and is regarded as one of the world’s finest golfers to this day.

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