What is the record for the most consecutive wins at the start of a professional boxing career?

Rocky Marciano, a force hailing from the fiery streets of Brockton, Massachusetts, etched his name in the history of boxing with an awe-inspiring feat. With a passion and resolve as well as fists that danced like flames, Marciano left an unstoppable path, securing an unprecedented 112 consecutive wins to ignite the collective imagination of boxing aficionados.

In the ferocious battleground, Marciano’s explosive power and unyielding will became his signature. With each victory, he left a trail of fallen opponents, their dreams extinguished by his thunderous punches and combinations. Of his mesmerising 112 victories, an astonishing 43 were delivered with the force of an inferno, leaving adversaries crumpled on the canvas, consumed by the flames of defeat.

But Marciano’s relentless pursuit of glory did not end there. In 1955, at the zenith of his career, he made a momentous decision to retire, leaving the boxing world in awe of his undefeated reign. With an unblemished record of 49 wins, including 43 scorching knockouts, Marciano’s name is up in lights with boxing legends as the indomitable warrior who conquered every challenger that dared to stand before him.

Rocky Marciano’s fiery legacy continues to ignite the souls of boxing enthusiasts, forever etching his name in the annals of the sport as the epitome of unyielding determination and fiery triumph. His record-setting streak of 112 consecutive victories remains an inferno of achievement, a testament to his scorching talent and indomitable spirit that will forever kindle the flames of inspiration in the hearts of aspiring fighters.

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