What was the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby in 2023?

The Kentucky Derby in 2023 produced an unexpected underdog victory, with Mage taking the crown as the longest shot to win the prestigious race. With odds set at 15-1, Mage defied expectations and surged from behind to triumph by a length over Two Phil’s, while Angel of Empire claimed third place. This thrilling contest unfolded on May 6, 2023, at the renowned Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mage’s triumph at 15-1 odds proved to be a lucrative surprise for those who believed in his potential. For a mere $2 bet on Mage to win, a remarkable payout of $32.42 was earned, highlighting the magnitude of his unexpected victory. Additionally, for those who placed a $2 exacta bet predicting Mage and Two Phil’s to finish first and second, a generous reward of $330.44 was bestowed upon them.

The excitement didn’t stop there, as the more daring bettors who opted for a $1 trifecta bet involving Mage, Two Phil’s, and Angel of Empire in the correct order of finish were handsomely rewarded with an impressive payout of $928.36. For those seeking an even greater challenge, a Superfecta bet correctly predicting the precise order of the first four horses rewarded them with a stunning payout of $15,643.60 for a mere $1 wager.

The win was not expected but it’s fair to say that enthusiasts were shocked at the final outcome. However, this clearly demonstrated just how unpredictable the Kentucky Derby can be. When underdogs can put in the performance of their lives and deliver when the moment arises is a testament to the sport of horse racing.

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