Which golfer popularised the “flop shot” technique?

David Toms is widely acknowledged as the golfer who popularised the remarkable flop shot technique in the world of golf. It was in the year 2001 that Toms first showcased this audacious shot in competitive play, and its instant appeal captured the attention of golfers across all levels of expertise.

The flop shot itself is a daring move, brimming with both risk and reward. It is skillfully employed to launch the ball over hazards or obstacles, deftly landing it on the green. To execute this shot, a club with minimal loft, such as a lob wedge or sand wedge, is utilised with a steep angle of attack. The result is a lofty ascent, followed by a soft descent onto the green.

Undeniably, the flop shot can yield impressive results when executed flawlessly, but it also carries the potential for mishaps. A slight miscalculation can cause the ball to soar too high, finding its way into the hazard or obstacle, or bounce excessively and roll off the green entirely.

However, despite the inherent risks, the flop shot possesses tremendous value as a powerful weapon in a golfer’s arsenal. It serves as an invaluable tool in navigating challenging situations, allowing for par-saving or even birdie-producing magic on the course. For those eager to incorporate the flop shot into their game, consistent practice is key to mastering this finesse-filled technique.

Emulating David Toms’ legacy, golfers around the world continue to strive for proficiency in the awe-inspiring flop shot, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the sport and the enduring quest for ingenious shot-making skills.

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