Who is the oldest player to have appeared in a FIFA World Cup match?

There are always records to be set and broken at every Fifa World Cup. The eyes of the world are watching but one record might surprise many.

Essam El-Hadary, a legendary figure in Egyptian football and a beacon of inspiration for players across generations became the oldest player to appear in a world cup match. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia, El-Hadary achieved a feat that would become another new record.. At the age of 45 years and 161 days, he became the oldest outfield player to grace the World Cup stage.

It was a moment of pure magic when Egypt faced Saudi Arabia in their final group stage match on June 25, 2018. With the game delicately poised, El-Hadary received the call to action as a substitute. Stepping onto the pitch, he carried with him a wealth of experience, and despite his age, he still wanted to perform and win for his team

The crowd held its breath as El-Hadary positioned himself between the goalposts, embodying the resilience and determination that had defined his illustrious career. Every save, every command to his teammates showcased just how committed he was to making this appearance one to remember

As the final whistle blew, El-Hadary’s name had now become a new entry into the record book. His remarkable achievement served as a shining example of the timeless nature of the beautiful game. It demonstrated that age is but a number and that the true essence of football lies in the unwavering love and dedication that players bring to the field.

Essam El-Hadary’s remarkable journey to become the oldest outfield player in a FIFA World Cup match will forever be celebrated. His legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers worldwide, proving that dreams can be realised at any age.

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