Which player threw the most 180s in the 2023 World Darts Championship?

Michael Smith emerged as the standout player, showcasing his exceptional throwing skills, as he recorded the highest number of 180s in the thrilling 2023 World Darts Championship. Throughout the tournament, Smith electrified the crowd with a staggering total of 138 maximum scores, solidifying his reputation as a formidable force on the dartboard. His ability to consistently hit the treble 20 segment with pinpoint accuracy allowed him to accumulate these impressive 180s.

Not far behind Smith was the esteemed Michael van Gerwen, a renowned figure in the world of darts. Van Gerwen showcased his formidable talent by registering an impressive tally of 129 180s, captivating spectators with his precision and flair. His consistent ability to find the treble 20 bed demonstrated his exceptional darting prowess and showcased why he is considered one of the top players in the sport.

Another notable contender in the race for the most 180s was James Wade, who displayed his skill and precision with a commendable total of 117 maximum scores. Wade’s ability to consistently hit the treble 20 segment throughout the tournament highlighted his accuracy and control over the dart, earning him recognition as a formidable opponent.

It is important to acknowledge the incredible achievement set by Ross Smith and Dirk van Duijvenbode during their third-round match, where they jointly set a new record for the highest number of 180s in a single game. Their remarkable display saw them hit an astonishing 19 maximum scores, leaving the audience in awe of their dartsmanship and solidifying their place in darts history.

The 180, representing the pinnacle of scoring in darts, holds a special place in the hearts of players and fans alike. It symbolises the perfect execution of a dart throw and elicits a wave of excitement and admiration from spectators. The players who consistently achieve this feat have undoubtedly earned their place among the elite in the world of darts, and their ability to produce high numbers of 180s showcases their exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

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