What was the most expensive darts set ever sold?

The most expensive darts set ever sold was a set of solid gold darts made by Target Darts. These luxurious darts were sold for £4,000 (around $5,000 USD) in 2013. Crafted from 24 carat gold, each dart weighed 27.35 grams and featured barrels shaped like a treble 20. They were elegantly inscribed with the words “World’s Most Expensive Darts.”

These exceptional darts found their way into the possession of a private collector in the United Kingdom, who now cherishes them as a valuable piece of darts memorabilia. The extravagant nature of the set and its unique materials make it a truly remarkable acquisition.

In addition to the record-breaking solid gold darts, there have been other noteworthy and expensive darts sets that have been sold in recent years. For instance, Gerwyn Price’s diamond-infused darts were sold for £2,000 (around $2,500 USD) in 2020. These darts feature a barrel infused with diamonds, which is believed to enhance accuracy and grip.

Another sought-after item among darts enthusiasts is the PDC World Championship winning darts. These darts, often considered lucky, have commanded high prices in auctions. The most expensive set of PDC World Championship winning darts was sold for £1,000 (around $1,250 USD) in 2017.

Furthermore, custom-made darts tailored to the exact specifications of players can also fetch substantial sums. In 2018, the most expensive set of custom-made darts was sold for £500 (around $625 USD).

The world of darts has witnessed remarkable and valuable sets that showcase both craftsmanship and the allure of the sport. These exceptional darts sets not only serve as essential tools for players but also capture the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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